When it comes to technology, the face of the world is changing day by day owing to constant up gradation in technology. Talking about the elevator and escalator world, it is the rise of green and most advanced invention for better tomorrow.

The highlighting features of this technology are – it’s reliable, light weight, energy saver, affordable, noiseless, and maintenance-free and is environment friendly. Such new elevator technology is a great invention for the new era that helps to create better future.

Additional Features & Facilities

  • Elevator Integrated Controller

    Elevator Integrated controller has perfect integration of control and drive of elevator. It has been designed for better performance of data transfer and reduce hoist way and machine room wiring, more reliable.

    Double 32 bit embedded microprocessor completes the elevator operation and motor drive control.

    Can Bus communication mode with duplex, triplex and grouping functions up to 8 lifts for high rise buildings.

    Compact, Anti-interference ability to exceed the highest level in compliance with industrila standard.

    Modern direct landing technology for Higher Efficiency during Riding.

    Work with both synchronous and asynchronous motor Advanced no-load sensor startup compensation technology results in to a comfort feeling at the starting moment without need of weighting device.

    Surplus Safety Design

    New PWM Dead Zone Compensation technology can effectively Reduce Moter noise and Loss of Machine.
  • High Speed Gearless Machine

    Bonny Engineering's Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor based Gearless traction Machines (PMSM) are designed for new era’s architectures. The machine runs on permanent magnet motor that gives a silent and better performance to elevator.

    Main Applications:
    50 Percent Smaller and Lighter that traditionally Geared Machines

    Environment Friendly : Save energy up to 40% compared to geared traction Machine

    Save Machine Room Space

    Maintenance Friendly

    Easy to Install

    Oil and Dirt Free Area

    Silent operation

  • Steel Coated Polyurethane Flat Belts for Compact Gearless Machines

    The flat, steel coated belt eliminates the metal to metal effect of conventional systems. Twinned with smooth surface crowned machine sheave that gives silent and comfort ride.

    Compared to rope elevator, Belt allows us to look forward for very advanced option. By mean, it is more flexible and required small radios for bending and compatible with small gearless machine that fits in hoist way with minimum over head. This reduces building and system operation costs and frees up valuable space.

    Long-lasting Flat Belts, Smooth Crowned Sheaves and Minimal Moving Parts in the Gearless Machine reduce wear and Increase Durability and Efficiency.

    Environment Awareness : Neither steel coated polyurethane flat belt nor the gearless machine, with its permanent non-lubrication concept gives maintenance free and dirt free area. Furthermore, the highly efficient gearless machine with its permanent magnet synchronous motor reduces power consumption by as much as 40 percent over traction geared machines.
  • Touch LOP & COP

    Bonny Engineering Touch Panel for car and landing required no physical pressure to operate, eliminating the hand stress that can lead to repetitive – motion injuries. New technology of Touch Panel allow elevators to be look very descant and more user friendly compared to traditional push buttons.
  • Auto Rescue Device (ARD)

    Automatic Rescue Device use when external power supply failure or elevators supply phase lacking. If in case of power failure in elevator, Main board gives a command ARD to run for elevator to reach nearest floor. ARD runs with charged batteries and provide emergency power supply to elevator machine and takes elevator to nearest floor and open doors fully and people moves off safely. After that, Elevator runs in normal mode till it gets main power as before.
  • Voice Announcing System

    VAS is a digital messaging system that will broadcast Pre-Recorded audio messages and emergency instructions as automatic announcements.

    Main Applications :
    Broadcasting Safety Messages / Instructions like the Next Stop Announcement, Overload, Doors Open/Close, Welcome Message.

    Calling automatically to the call center, at the time of malfunctioning of any critical equipment.

    General and Promotional Announcement.
  • LCD Display

    In Urban time, new LCD gadget gives ease and comforts to elevator users. We have extensive range of standard LCD panels to choose from. Aside from Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), we also offer both resistive and capacitive touch panels assembled with color TFT products or monochrome LCD products.

    Main Application :
    Displaying all Landing Floors

    Displaying Overload, Fire and Natural Disasters like Earthquake.

    Displaying project or any instruction notes.

    Touch panel can be assembled in same.
  • Emergency Phone System

    The device most often installed for this purpose is a one –button or hands free , programmable, automatic-dialing emergency telephone meeting.
  • Emergency Alarm

    Used to notify occupants of a building there is an elevator problem. An alarm is activated by use of emergency switch on elevators.
  • Emergency Stop Button

    On the panel inside a car. Must be a manually operated switch that will shut off the electric power to an elevator. The switch is red and may be labeled stop that helps to avoid any kind of accident in elevator. When it is absolutely necessary to stop elevator for any emergency, push stop button and elevator instantly stop.
  • Emergency Cabin Light

    ECL is a good feature in elevator that provides an emergency light when elevator has power off. It provides small light until the elevator reach to the nearest floor and open elevator doors.
  • Guide Shoe Roller

    Advance and reliable guide roller shoe results in to a better performance with descent look for glass and ultra high speed elevators. Neoprene rubber guide shoe are optimized for maximum ride comfort and minimal noise. We offers Various types of guide roller shoe for Goods, Hospital, Passenger, Glass Elevators.
  • Call Button for Disable Persons

    Bonny Engineering not only focus on technology, but also consider comfort and safety for disable people. We offers call buttons having Brail language and convenient operation for handicap people. Bonny Engineering serving at varies hospitals, charity trusts, aged homes and many more public and private sectors where our products and services for disable people matters most.
  • Car Load Sensing Device

    Car load sensor provides the most easy and precise method to control the load in traction elevators. It indicates or should beep when elevator get overload. This feature helps to extant equipment's life and reliability to run.