Home Elevator

Home Elevators

Free from stairs: With elegance and style

Bonny Home Elevator is designed to meet Vertical Mobility in Public & Private Buildings for people who have special needs. It is an ideal solution for the elderly and impaired people to whom it gives easy, autonomous stairs-free transportation.

It is a modern product that is designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements for easy mobility: like from garage to roof, you can move effortlessly up to 4 floors.

PMSM Gearless Machine For Home Elevators

PMSM Gearless Machine For Home Elevators

Bonny Home Elevators run on Gearless Machine that has Great Features & Benefits.

Main Features and benefits:

  • Runs with single phase power supply
  • Requires very compact overhead space & pit area
  • Saves up to 40% of energy compared to hydraulic elevator
  • Is noiseless and vibration free
  • Is easy to install