Elevators are the main transportation arteries in the modern buildings and are vital in determining a building’s economic success. Our equipments are specially designed for various applications and needs such as speed; capacity with rigid and rugged reliability and smooth trouble free operation. Our machines are mounted on special type of rubber which has extra ordinary dumping capacity due to which the machine runs vibration-free. New green concept of gearless machine is the latest development in the industry which perfectly gels with today’s market demand.

Geared Traction Elevator

These elevators are called geared elevators because of its geared machine that runs with the help of gears. Many of our geared machines are installed and running smooth at various small, medium and high rise buildings. We use standard Worm and Worm gear with taper roller bearing in machine for maximum load carrying capacity. The perfect lubrication system gives it longer life and helps with smooth operation. Bonny Engineering provides varied range of elevators to suit all kind of requirements starting from vertical compact machines to giant below traction machines that fulfill your building requirements.

Gearless Elevator

As the world is rising and constantly moving toward the new age, we are stepping in too. New concept of gearless traction elevator has been invented for next generation. These elevators are designed for the new age infrastructures. It is very compact, energy saving and uses environment friendly technology that has changed the elevator’s face and features. Gearless technology allows our customers to think what’s possible. The gearless traction machine can save up to 35 % of energy compared to hydraulic elevators. We aim on giving safe and comfort ride to our customers. Our second motive is to provide quality product with excellent performance.

Machine room-less (MRL)

The Machine room-less elevator is the result of technological advancements that allow a significant reduction in the size of the electronic motors used with traction machine. Its application in new construction or major renovation projects, compared to standard elevator equipments, is a fairly significant decision as it will affect the design of the elevator hoist way and equipment rooms New concept of MRL elevator for new era is delighting as it is backed by Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motored gear-less machine (PMSM) that has unapproachable superiority for traction machine and it saves construction space.It features include excellent reliability and durability, compact design, light weight, operates silently. Such elevators become more and more popular because it gives noiseless, energy saving and easily maintainable elevator solution.

In single speed operation we provide 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15 & 26 Passenger Elevators, Stretcher Elevators, and Auto-door Elevators, Capsule Elevator, Goods Elevators collective / collective-selective operation mode with Machine Room (MRL) or Gear-less application.

We have developed our own latest micro-processor based integrated serial communication control system for different application of lift as required speed capacity etc. We commit to our clients high quality back up service for safe operation.